Life Cycle of Bedbug

Excellent Bedbug Control Services

Getting rid of bedbugs alone is exceptionally challenging. A professional exterminator will definitely be needed. If you have bedbugs, contact All County Pest Control and begin the extermination process.

Depending on the type of infestation your residence has, we have a bedbug program that adheres to the best practices in pest control. Our staff is trained to detect and evaluate the level of infestation and recommend the different treatment options available. They will inspect, monitor, and treat your property for bedbugs and follow-up to prevent reinfestations.

Rely on Us for Your Bedbug Control Service Needs

Over the past five years, All County Pest Control has worked with property managers and individuals in resolving their bedbug issues. We have also shared valuable information and techniques in dealing with what has been described in a 2013 survey of pest control professionals as "the most difficult pest to control."

Speak with us regarding your bedbug removal service needs. We will use monitors, zippered encasements, and different treatment options to set up an effective bedbug management program that will include dedicated follow-up visits.

Our Bedbug Removal Service is Officially Recognized

Hartford Field Office, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, wrote: 

“Please accept our sincere thanks for your participation and presentation on Bedbug Management at the Energy and Green Building event on Oct 3, 2012. The expertise and experience you provided helped housing authorities and HUD staff from several different states, to tackle very important goals.”
Call us at 
203-327-0259 and get friendly and prompt bedbug removal service.
“Thanks to your professional team, I can be more comfortable at home now and have things back to normal.”

A resident of Stamford
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